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Winter 2014  Topics Presented: Updates to Choose Wisely Program; Medical Liability: Missed Follow-Ups; Suggestions for Incomplete Medical Records

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Compilation of previous articles on personal injury topics including: Understanding Burns, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Use of Grief Expert, Demonstrative Evidence; Junk Science in Whiplash Injuries, Low Speed Crash Analogies: Increase Settlements with Pain & Suffering Reports; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Compartment Syndrome: An Orthopedic Emergency; Orthopedic Terminology; Click here for a list of orthopedic abbreviations

Spring 2013    Topics Presented: "Choose Wisely" Project update and 7 Mistakes Attorneys Often Make with Medical Malpractice Cases.

Summer 2012    Topic Presented: "Choose Wisely" Project

Spring 2012    Topic Presented: Pressure Ulcers: A Primer

Winter 2012   Topics Presented: Traumatic Brain Injuries; New Infection Prevention Guidance for Outpatient Settings.

Summer 2011  
Topics Presented: Anticoagulants: Life Saving and Lethal; New Staffing Guidelines in Labor & Delivery; Not all Pressure Ulcers are Preventable.

Spring 2011 Topics Presented: Diagnostic Errors; Communication Guidelines for Radiology; Hospitalized Patient Safety Has Not Improved; Some Appendicitis May Be Treated with Antibiotics: References for Fall Cases.  

Winter 2011 Topics Presented: Catastrophic Consequences of Spinal Epidural Hematomas; Watch out for Robitussin DM.

Summer 2010 Topics Presented: Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries; Use of an Unusual Expert in Death Cases; Wound Vacuums Lead to Deaths and Injuries; New Recommendations for Stroke Treatment.

Spring 2010 
Topics Presented: Surviving Sepsis; Mock Trials in the Internet Age.

Winter 2010
 Topics Presented: Prescribing of Antibiotics to Prevent Surgical Infections; Drugs in the News: Levaquin and Yaz; A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words.

Fall 2009
 Topics Presented: Never Events and Denied Payments Institute Change; Medical Record Retrieval; Drugs in the News: Darvocet, Darvon and Chantix, Zyban.

Summer 2009  Topics Presented: Hospital Acquired Infections and Prevention Strategies

Spring 2009  Topics Presented: Improving the Care of Stroke Patients; Accidental Overdoses with Methadone; Understanding Psychiatric Diagnosis  

Winter 2009  Topics Presented: The Safe Medical Devices Act in a Nutshell; Clues in Medical Billing; Medical Abbreviations Reference 

Fall 2008
  Topics Presented: Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents and Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis; Acute Abdominal Pain [When to refer to a surgeon]; Insurance Companies Deny Payment for Avoidable Medical Errors  

Summer 2008  Topics Presented : Orthopedic Assessments in Nursing; Compartment Syndrome: An Orthopedic Emergency; Delayed Defibrillation in Cardiac Arrest 

Spring 2008  Topics Presented: Revised Neonatal Resuscitation Guidelines; Decision to Incision:Challenging the 30 Minute Rule; FDA News regarding Haldol; Improving Hospital Care for Surgical Patients

Winter 2008
Topics Presented: Medical Malpractice in Trauma Care and the "5 Million Lives Campaign" 

Fall 2007 
 Topics Presented: Animation: A Powerful and Persuasive Demonstrative Tool and Your LNCs Role in Product Liability Cases

Summer 2007 
  Topics Presented: New Rules for Restraint Use; MRI More Sensitive than CT; Medical Errors Commonly Reported by Family Physicians; One Word Change in CMS Regs  

Spring 2007
 Topics Presented: Sudden Death and Duragesic Patches; Sentinel Event Alert: Tubing Misconnections; Tools to Save Time in Your Practice

Winter 2007   Topics Presented: Understanding Lupus; New Heart Attack Guidelines in the News specifically the Late Use of Stents and a Push for More Rapid Angioplasties; Nurses voted most honest and ethical profession for 8th straight year 

Fall 2006
Topics Presented: Understanding Burns, Pain & Suffering Report on Burn Patient Brings Record Settlement (click here to see excerpts of the report used).

Summer 2006  
  Topic Presented: Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy: A Medical-Legal Challenge 

Spring 2006 
 Topics Presented: Teleradiology, Are Jurors Listening to Expert Witnesses, JCAHO: Improved Communication, Google News Alerts 

Winter 2006   Topics presented: Winning with Electronic Discovery, Smart Draw, Study: Older Doctors Not Staying Current  

Fall 2005 
Topics presented: Why Use a LNC, Helpful Resources for Your Law Practice, Missing Information Could Lead to Errors and Delay in Treatment 

Summer 2005  Topics presented: Tylenol Toxicity; Save Money with Digitized X-rays; Wrongful Birth Lawsuit; Orthopedic Terminology. 

Spring 2005   Topics presented: Increase Your Settlements with Pain & Suffering Reports; Favorite Resources; Complete Hospital Medical Records; New Fetal Monitor Presentation Software. 

Winter 2005
  Topics presented: Locating Qualified Experts, Should Physicians Testify Against a Nurse; Evaluating Medical Web sites. 

Fall 2004
   Topics presented: Facts about Strokes and Falls (statistics, risk factors, what should be assessed after a fall). 

Summer 2004
  Topics presented: Pre-hypertension; Your LNC and Depositions; Potential for Errors with Look Alike/Sound Alike Medication.

Spring 2004
  Topics presented: Junk Science in Whiplash Injuries; Low Speech Crash Analogies.

Winter 2003
  Topics presented: Negligent Credentialing; Credentialing  Practices Survey; Universal Protocol to Prevent Wrong Site Surgery. 

Fall 2003   Topics Presented: Understanding Increased Intracranial Pressure; Legal Nurse Consulting Certification.

Summer 2003 
  Topics Presented: Newborn Brain Injury Update; Leading Medication Errors in the ER; New Test for Detection of Heart Attacks

Medical-legal articles written by other professionals
v       Primer On Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery and Injury To the Biliary Tract,  by Thomas T. Dunbar, Esq. This medico-legal article explains the Laparoscopic gall bladder surgery and the proper technique to avoid injury.
v       Why Injuries Occur in Low Speed Collisions, by John Smith, PE, MSBMY, MSEE  http://www.rpsa.biz/ 

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