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We will benefit your firm by:

SAVING YOU MONEY . . .  Researching and educating yourself and your team about the medical facts of a case can be costly and time consuming. I can analyze a case and provide an accurate summary for a fraction of what you are currently spending. If you are trying to educate yourself on the medical issues of your cases, your billable hours could be better spent on the legal issues. It can be a big cost saver for your firm to know the weaknesses of your case BEFORE you decide to invest your firms time and money in a case. I can also organize the records before you send them to your experts to reduce the time they will spend reviewing them.

SAVING YOU TIME . . .  Knowing the health care system as an insider, I can quickly and accurately locate pertinent information in the medical record, identify missing information, and provide insights regarding institutional policies and procedures you may need. If you have tried to locate medical experts, you realize how time consuming it can be. I can locate appropriate objective medical experts for any case you may have, according to your specifications. I am not an expert broker and have no affiliation with any experts I may refer to you. Other time saving services that I offer include: preparing medical summaries/chronologies and pain and suffering reports, researching and summarizing medical literature, researching medical experts, preparing deposition questions and aiding in the development of settlement brochures, demonstrative evidence and exhibits.

AVOIDING SURPRISES AND BEING PREPARED FOR YOUR OPPONENT. . . We can help you understand your case strengths and weaknesses, identify critical issues, define the Standard of Care and whether it was adhered to, identify potential defenses, understand injuries and long term impacts, understand the relevance of past medical history and pre-existing conditions, understand the impact of subsequent incidents on the case, differentiate accidents and resulting injuries, recognize inconsistencies in the records and identify missing records.

AUGMENT YOUR STAFF . . . For those times when medical records are piling up and your in-house staff needs assistance, give me a call. I can organize and summarize records, review cases for merit or investigate the plaintiffs claims, provide a verbal or written report or attend IMEs. This enables you to communicate with your clients in a timely manner, while your in-house staff can focus on client interviews, depositions, and trial preparation. You use me only when you need me, reducing your overhead.

 Types of Cases That May Benefit from Our Services

  • Medical Malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Workers Compensation
  • Products Liability
  • Domestic Violence
  • Criminal
  • Estates (determining competency)
  • Toxic Torts
  • Any case where injury, illness or medical care is an issue!

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