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What other attorneys are saying about Sharon Scott & Associates...

"Ms. Scott brings a wealth of experience, common sense and knowledge to her work. She has an extraordinary ability to review complicated medical records and make them understandable to a lay person. She performs her work in a timely fashion and her reports are thorough in covering all aspects of the case reviewed by her. In one case, she wrote a report critical of another nurse's care. The nurse reviewed that report at her deposition and when asked, stated she agreed with it! I recommend Ms. Scott to any attorney who may have a need for her medical knowledge, expertise and valuable litigation assistance." 
                                                                                                             Judge Michael Vigil, Albuquerque, NM

"Ms. Scott's medical knowledge, expertise, professionalism and assistance helped me to obtain a $900,000 out of court settlement in a state where $1,000,000 was the maximum monetary award. She also helped me to obtain a $14,000,000 settlement in a product liability case."                 Robert Walker, Esq., Richmond, Va.

 "Ms. Scott reviewed a negligence claim we were pursing against a nursing home. Her review of the records and chronology has proven invaluable. She has the ability to condense and simplify the most complicated medical records. She was also very helpful in our procurement of appropriate expert witnesses."                                                                                            James Hundley, Esq., Richmond, Va.

"We have employed Sharon Scott on a number of occasions to help us evaluate medical malpractice claims, to conduct medical research, and to help obtain medical experts witnesses. I have always been 100% satisfied with her work. I have found Sharon to very intelligent, knowledgeable about medical issues and a careful evaluator of potential malpractice claims. The experts she has located have been knowledgeable and effective. I can recommend her services without reservation."                                                                                         Terry M. Word, Esq., Word & Bogardus

" I have used Sharon Scott’s services numerous times over the past year and have been quite satisfied with her work. Ms. Scott understands medical issues, responds quickly to requests, and efficiently identifies the important medical issues. I recommend her services to anyone who needs guidance in evaluating potential medical malpractice cases and assistance locating experts."                                                                                             Kristina Bogardus, Esq., Bogardus & Scott

"During the past year we have used Sharon’s services in at least seven or eight different cases. I have found Sharon’s research and evaluations to be of substantial assistance. On at least three occasions, we have presented the medical literature which Sharon has provided to us to the medical-legal panel, and such literature has been very well received. Sharon is very much aware of our time-constraints, only submits material which is directly on point, and her charges are very reasonable."     
                                                                                                           Joe Fine, Esq. The Fine Law Firm

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